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"Survival Tips in a Young Learners Classroom"

  • Rory gives practical solutions to the most common teachers' problems in a young learner classroom.

  • Katerina presents a step-by-step guide on organising team work with juniors and teens.

  • Chee-way provides a fascinating insight into engaging children in projects.

  • Irina offers simple and effective tips for a compelling storytelling lesson both online and offline.

"Survival Tips in a Young Learners Classroom" 

  • Irina suggests setting up a YL classroom for success with implementing good class well-being as well as learning habits from the very beginning.

  • Chee-way offers practical advice on surviving in a YL classroom with COVID -19 safety rules and actually using the opportunity to teach English.

  • Rory gives an intriguing overview of his new book " The English Teacher" with insights into a teachers' world of challenges, hopes and beliefs with regard to the start of the academic year.

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