Module 1

Find your way with children

In this module we will be getting to know more about children and teenagers. Looking at new ELT terminologies in order for us to be able to reflect further down the course. 


Child psychology 

Understanding the psychology of children and teenagers is crucial for teachers’ understanding of how such learners will work in classes. This session will guide your approach with them in your ESL classes. We will also focus on ELT terminology which will help you later to reflect on your practices and become a more independent teacher.


Classroom management

Children and teens behave differently compare to adults which means some classes can be disastrous. In this session, we will look at different techniques on how to maintain control even in the most disruptive lessons as well as what we can do to make our learners feel as little stress as possible in the classroom. 


Lesson Planning 

GRRR... Lack of time? Stressed out with daily lessons and not to even mention, writing up a lesson plan for formal observations? How about demo lessons? I know many teachers struggle with lesson planning and some are experienced! Let’s dive into how we can plan lessons effectively. 


Coursebook Adaptation and Student Centredness

We have a book and a program to follow. But is it enough? The old way of teaching involves using only text books and listening to our teacher “lecturing”. Did we really learn a lot? This session will help us take a different approach in using our materials and what is our role in the classroom.


Online Teaching 

Classroom tools and managing expectations – With the recent events, many of us have experienced a sudden change in how we educate. Will this be the future of our classes? Let’s be prepared for the unknown and unpredictable future. In this session, we are taking a look at the different tools and online materials we can use in our lessons. Also, we will discuss our expectations and our learners’ expectations in the world of gadgets. 



Online Teaching: Interactive activities

Now that we know what tools and website we can use for setting up our online classroom, how we adapt the materials into the online world.

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