A comprehensive online course in teaching children, tweens and teens for

overwhelmingly enthusiastic teachers will start in

We are an international team of four great teachers and teacher trainers each sharing the same passion for teaching kids but with unique perspectives and experiences.

Chee-Way Sun

Rory Fergus Duncan-Goodwillie

Irina Chan-Fedorova

Katerina Panfilova

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This practical course will be ideal for you if:

  • You are already a teacher and would like to start teaching  children offline and online.


  • You are already teaching children English but feel there is not enough support from your institution.


  • You love collaborating and sharing with other teachers and learn best by doing, reflecting and communicating.


  • You tried teaching children before but always felt that something was missing.


  • You are already teaching children but preparation takes a long time and you do not feel you are creative enough.

See what we have prepared for you:

  • 3 modules and 18 hand-picked live sessions. They will target the most recognized approaches as well as some useful emerging ones in teaching English to children both online and in the classroom. 


  • Assignments, such as lesson planning, mini peer-teaching sessions, a study study and a quiz, which will help you reflect on your experiences and deal with challenges. We will give you personalized feedback and be with you every step of the way.


  • 36 academic hours of step-by-step instruction, exploration and collaboration with like-minded teachers. All the sessions will be conducted in the format of workshops, which will be shaped with care and attention towards your needs.


  • Practical tasks and discovery activities which are aimed at enhancing your understanding of your young learners' psychology and building your confidence so that you can find that missing puzzle piece in teaching these little monkeys.


  • Hands-on, tried and tested resources which will be ready for you to use and adapt with your students so that you will never again run out materials and creativity.

Check out what each of the 3 modules has for you:

Child psychology

Teaching vocabulary and grammar

Teaching reading, listening, writing, speaking

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